Dedicated Point-to-Point

Internet Services Dedicated Point-to-Point

Dedicated Point-to-Point

Point-to-Point (P2P) fiber links are dedicated links connecting two disparate locations via exclusive, high-speed fiber. With our P2P facilities, you will enjoy a safe method of transferring data packs from one computer system to another. Internet Communication Inc. offers wireless PTP and fiber PTP links with speeds ranging from 100Mbps up to 20Gbps. (Gigabytes-per-second).

These links can be provisioned and customized to operate on several tech setups depending on your particular needs, including Switched Ethernet, Dedicated Fiber and Fixed Wireless connections. P2P system connections are a great way to transmit massive volumes of data, content streaming, and voice traffic on a secure network without utilizing public internet infrastructure.

Point-to-Multipoint Service

P2MP services are similar to P2P systems but allow you to connect three or more sites in a secure, affordable way. Users can now add sites to their networks as their organizations grow and diversify, offering a convenient way to connect to multiple locations without relying on the often troublesome and insecure public internet infrastructure.

Using ManagedWay’s P2P service, you will enjoy higher reliability, lower latency rates, and heightened security for all your communications.

We offer internet without data caps for both Business and Home use

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