Just got this service this morning but have been using it all day since. Have to say, the download and upload speeds have been exactly what I expected and nothing less. It’s only been a day, but I’m confident I made the right choice switching to this company. Installers were friendly and thorough, and they did a very good job placing the equipment where I asked. So glad to be away from the outdated internet I’ve had for the past 10 years!!

Premier Giant Productions

Internet Communications have been a godsend for us in southwestern Shelby County. They are constantly working to improve our service with new and updated equipment, and there are no data limits at all! The service is reliable and rarely down, of course, there are times weather or other problems arise, but they are quick to remedy the situation.

Cliff D.

I’m so grateful for this internet service! It’s fast, consistent, and reliable. I am able to perform my stay at home job where I video conference often with people in other countries. When there is an outage (very rare!) they usually act immediately and are extremely responsive to keep their customer abreast of the situation. Thank you ICI!

Hillary Houston

We have used this company for several years now and have been very happy with the service. I can’t speak for the potential customer who had problems, but it has not been my experience. We have recommended this company to many friends.

Shelly Lee

We have used ICI for about two years and their service continues to improve all the time. The owner sends emails advising us when they are upgrading equipment and warning of potential outages. Any other time we do have an outage, which is infrequent and brief, we text the owner asking if they are having a problem or if it may be on our end. He is very quick to reply. The cost of our service has not increased since we have been a customer of ICI. Our payment is automatically deducted from our bank account each month and we have had no problems there either.

Susie Meyers

Customer service was very well rounded and polite.
Installation was executed immediately and precisely.
Service is slightly better than what was promised.

Jesse Ramirez-Soto

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