<em>Residential Internet Service</em>

The <strong><em>Best</em></strong> Internet Service<br /> for Your Home

Life moves quickly and staying connected to the world at large is becoming more important by the day.

Whether you live in or out of the city limits shouldn’t determine the quality of internet service you can get at home. At Internet Communications Inc., our internet services can help you stay connected with your friends and family, stream your favorite shows, listen to the music you like, and much more!

*CALL TODAY FOR FREE ESTIMATE. Equipment cost depends on speed requirements.

Service <strong><em>Area</em></strong>

At Internet Communications Inc., we strive to provide the best internet services, in speed and affordability, for the Franklin, Indiana area. We also offer premiere internet access in the following areas:

Johnson County

Marion County

Morgan County

Shelby County

Rush County

Bartholomew County

It Keeps Getting Better

Internet Services with a <strong><em>Backbone</em></strong>

Blazing fast speeds to the most used websites.

You probably didn't know that our company network has independent fiber backbones that feed into our 10Gig network at the Indianapolis Lifeline Data center.

In doing this, we have peered into the local IX where our customers have access to faster routes to companies like Netflix, Cloudflare, Akamai, Hurricane Electric, Indiana Gigapop, Google, and Microsoft. This gives our customers speeds that normal Internet Service Providers can only dream of offering. Surf the web and stream your favorite shows and movies in a fraction of the time it used to take with your old internet service.

More Than <strong><em>High-Speed</em></strong> Internet

We're not just your run-of-the-mill internet service provider. There are a wide variety of services available and affordable pricing to match. Internet Communications, Inc. has the much needed expertise your internet connectivity demands.

Point-to-Point Connectivity is not one-size-fits-all

If you've worked with some of the other internet service providers and had problems, it is likely because there's much more to your point-to-point connection than just capacity. There are a number of options that can make a difference in how efficiently your connection can run. We prefer to custom fit our customers with what best suits their primary applications.

Video Security and Surveillance

Visually monitoring things from a distance can be necessary for a variety of reasons. IP cameras are power-efficient and there right when you need them to be. From security purposes or simply for keeping an eye on weather, we have just the right selection and connection to fulfill your needs. Whatever you have worth watching is worth watching well.

Wires are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

That's why having WiFi for your home or business has become paramount in keeping up with the latest technological advances. We can create custom WiFi Networks that work Indoors or Outdoors depending on your needs. We set up wireless networks to meet your specifications with the highest standards in security.

We know how the Internet works

If you need help with a tower problem or more advanced issues like working with fiber optic lines, we are experts in our field. Our team has an in depth, up to date, working knowledge of how to make these modes of delivery work in your favor. Give us a call if you need a consultation or need to hire us for onsite help.

Why Choose Fixed Wireless Broadband

Internet Communications, Inc. offers a great alternative to slow or overpriced DSL, Cable, Satellite, Fiber or Mobile connections.

High Speeds &
Low Monthly Payments

NO Contracts
NO Credit Checks

NO Data Caps
& Low Latency

Supports ALL of Your Streaming Needs

How It <strong><em>Works</em></strong>

Our fixed wireless internet service is capable of reaching distances up to a 10 mile radius.

Our multi-carrier fiber internet backbone provides a fast and reliable internet connection.

NO Contracts.

NO Credit Checks.

NO Fair Access Policy.

NO Monthly Limits.

NO Phone or Cable Necessary.

Service <strong><em>Area</em></strong>

Internet Communications, Inc. offers premiere internet access in the following areas:

Johnson County
Marion County
Morgan County
Shelby County
Rush County
Bartholomew County


What our <em><strong>clients say</strong></em>

What our<br /><em><strong>clients say</strong></em>

We have used ICI for about two years and their service continues to improve all the time.

Susie Meyers

We have used this company for several years now and have been very happy with the service… We have recommended this company to many friends

Shelly Lee

Just wanted to express our gratitude for Tyson and his staff at ICI…great people…kind and supportive… we could not be happier with our truly high speed Internet.

Ann Gardner Vansickle

Our Service Pledge 

A Commitment to <em><strong>Excellence</strong></em>

At Internet Communications Inc., we strive to provide the best internet services, in speed and affordability, for Franklin, Indiana and surrounding area.

If you are like us, you care about both supporting local businesses and maintaining a high quality of life at home. With our internet services, you can be sure both your business and home will be taken care of. We have built an award-winning suite of internet services with friendly staff waiting to support you.

Help us to improve<br /> <strong><em>Your</em></strong> Service

Internet Communications, Inc. is constantly looking to expand our capacity to better serve the Central Indiana area and we know we can't do that alone. We are always open to partnering with local residents who own land in areas we don't currently serve. Internet Communications, Inc. offers incentives to these people for allowing us to place equipment to build a larger and stronger network. We would love to work with you.

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